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At Phyllings Therapy Center, I provide therapeutic services in home, online, and in our office location.  I offer therapy sessions for children, teens, couples, families, groups, and premarital counseling.  

Happy Children

Children's Sessions

Child Counseling at PTC is intended to help your child feel understood. It will assist your child in emotion identification, feeling more in control of their emotions and more positive about themselves. Your child will become more in touch with how their emotions affect the way they understand themselves. They will also gain an understanding of how their emotions impact others. I am oriented to view problems systemically, even when working with little clients. This means that I believe it is important to examine children’s context, including family to truly understand their full experience. Better outcomes are achieved with optimal caretaker support, so often, therapist will invite caretakers/parents in the process.

Smiling Student

Teen Sessions

Adolescence is a challenging time for many teens and their families, and it is a critical time for everyone. The course charted in the teen years significantly defines life possibilities and opportunities down the road. Therapy can be very effective in helping teens to succeed in school, manage their stress effectively, develop positive relationships with parents and peers, avoid risky behaviors, and learn to make good decisions without outside help. Together, I work with adolescents to not only resolve current issues in their lives but also put them on course to avoid potential pitfalls, with the goal of providing them with a positive attitude and self worth and coping skills for many years to come. I use a down-to-earth style that most adolescents find more relatable than that of traditionally trained therapists.

Couple Showing Affection

Couples Sessions

I work collaboratively with a wide range of couples to improve their communication and preserve their relationships, including those who have experienced infidelity and trauma. In a supportive environment, couples learn to recognize destructive patterns, develop a safe and secure connection, regain a sense of intimacy, and effectively address future challenges. Couples therapy typically has better outcomes for couples who seek counseling sooner.

Do you two just want to do a check in? Want to keep a good relationship going? Periodic relationship checkups are a wise strategy. Some researchers estimate that most couples come to therapy seven years too late. Periodic relationship check-ups can help you identify relational issues long before they become a problem so that the foundation of the relationship is never in jeopardy.

Happy Couple

Premarital Sessions

Premarital counseling and relationship enrichment have a strong evidence-based for helping couples improve relationships that are already going well. When you think about it—that's quite impressive. Investing time to develop a strong foundation for an already good relationship is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure greater happiness in the years ahead. I will work with you to assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of your relationship and then help you take your relationship to the next level.

Family Fun in Field

Family Sessions

Family therapy is the treatment of choice for many if not most issues including: childhood and adolescence, peer and social, screen time, divorce, co-parenting, and blending families. Family therapy is also very effective for conflict between parents and their adult children or between siblings. Through therapy, parents and children learn how to set healthy boundaries, develop routines and expectations that work for everyone, and increase a sense of emotional connection.

Therapy Session

Group Sessions

Group therapy is when individuals work in groups toward shared goals and develop and foster communication skills through sharing and learning with group members. Clients gain the potential to not feel isolated around issues at hand. This enhances or helps to develop an ability to trust others and teaches the individual that there are times when one must rely on others’ to go through life.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept insurance.  We do not share any information with third parties about your therapy services. You may decide to turn in receipts to your insurance carrier to seek reimbursement. We do not provide any documents which include a diagnosis code. (There is no guarantee your insurance company will reimburse you.)

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